Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conferenc2019 • Tourism Presentationan was Successfully Held

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Jointly hosted by the Jiangxi ProvincialParty Committee and Government, the Jiangxi Provincial Culture and TourismDepartment and the Yichun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government,the Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conferenc 2019 • TourismPresentationan was held in Yichun on June 5th. As an important part of theJiangxi Tourism Conference, the presentation conference aims to introduce anddisplay Jiangxi’s rich cultural tourism resources to guests at home and abroad,and is an important platform for cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation.

Nepalese Ambassador to China Lila ManiBauder, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial PartyCommittee, Minister of the Department of Publicity Shi Xiaolin, Deputy Directorof the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress Zhu Hong, andVice Chairman of the CPPCC Li Huadong attended the meeting. Wu Zhongqiong,deputy governor of Jiangxi Province, attended the event and delivered a speech.Chi Hong, the director of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, made apresentation of Jiangxi’s tourism industry.

Wu Zhongqiong, deputy governor of Jiangxi Province, attended theevent and delivered a speech. (photographed byZhao Bo)

At the presentation meeting, Wu Zhongqiongdisplayed the cultural tourism resources of Jiangxi with the four colors of“Red, Green, Ancient and Gold” with Jiangxi characteristics, which aroused theresonance of the guests present. She said that Jiangxi attaches greatimportance to tourism, defines the tourism industry as a strategic pillarindustry, and vigorously implements the strategy of strong tourism province,and the tourism industry has shown a good development trend. Welcome friendsfrom home and abroad to travel to Jiangxi, experience the green mountains andrivers of Jiangxi, feel the history and culture of Jiangxi, and taste thepoetic homesickness of Jiangxi. I hope that through this presentation meeting,the world will know more about Jiangxi and let Jiangxi go to the world faster.

Mr. LilaMani Bauder, Ambassador of Nepal to China (photographedby Zhao Bo)

Mr. Lila Mani Bauder, Ambassador ofNepal to China, and Mr. Chi Zhaosen, Consul General of Singapore in Xiamen,delivered speeches respectively, introduced the current situation of exchangesand developments with Jiangxi in tourism, and expressed their wishes forJiangxi tourism to the world.

Chi Hong, director of the Jiangxi ProvincialDepartment of Culture and Tourism doing the tourism presentation (photographedby Zhao Bo)

In the presentationsection, Chi Hong, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture andTourism, gave a detailed introduction to Jiangxi’s tourism resources andexplained that “Jiangxi has a good scenery, Why it is good? Why it is unique?”

After the presentation, the JiangxiProvincial Department of Culture and Tourism signed a cooperation agreementwith the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Beijing ByteBeat Technology Co., Ltd. (Journalist Zhao Bo)